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Action Game

There are many genres of video games online. With these various video games, you will have better chances of finding the game that will suit your taste. If you are into games that are action-packed and oozing with excitement, you may opt for an action game.

What is an action game

An action game is a game that requires the players' fast reflexes and right timing to overcome challenges. An action game is one of the broadest genres in online games.

Why an action game is popular

What captures the interest of video gamers in an action game is maybe the thrill and excitement an action game gives to its players. Another factor that probably captures the interest of the gamers in an action game is that some of the games have rich graphics and animations. Some of them are also rich in storylines. These storylines can stimulate the curiosity of the players, urging them to keep on playing to know more about the story.
Aside from the fun you could get in playing an action game, this could also sharpen your reflexes and test your responses. Constant gaming could also train your brain to work efficiently.
As one with broad classification and theme, the following are some action game subgenres:
* Fighting game
A fighting game involves combats. In this action game, two players may face off each other. There are also fighting games where the enemy is controlled by the computer. Unlike the other games in action game genre, fighting games involve limited numbers of characters in a match.
* Beat 'em ups action game
This action game involves the player's combats against various opponents. This action game usually highlights hand-to-hand fights, though sometimes, a gun and other small weapon may also be used by the characters.
* Shooter game
A shooter game is an action game that primarily includes the use of shooting weapons. A shooter game can be further classified as third person shooter game and first person shooter game. Based on the two types of shooter game, the first person shooter can give you a more realistic experience, as the game employs the perspective of the player.

Where to get an action game

You may purchase an action game on sites online, but you may also download this game for free. You just have to find websites that offer free download. Just take note of the site's guidelines in downloading.